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Virtual Tour of PCF-104

PCF 104 is a U.S. Navy Patrol Craft, Fast, better known as a Swift Boat. These boats were an integral component of Task Force 115, or "Market Time" operations established March March 24, 1965. Combined with air and waterborne elements of the U. S. Navy and U. S. Coast Guard, Swift Boats were credited with successfully blockading the entire South Vietnam coast, making it impossible for enemy waterborne transportation of contraband.

A versatile craft, the Swift Boat performed a variety of missions on the coast and inland waterways of Vietnam until their turnover to the Vietnamese Navy in 1970.

Please allow a few minutes for all of the slide show photos to download. Click on the "Thumbnails" icon at the top right of the slideshow to scroll through thumbnail images.

Port Bow

Port bow view of PCF 104 in its cradle on the memorial grounds.

After Control Station

After steering/control station.

Patrol Chart

Archived patrol chart in PCF 104 pilothouse.

Pilothouse View

Memorial wall view from inside the pilothouse.


PCF 104 pilothouse control station.

Pilothouse Control Station

Pilothouse controls/instruments.


Port side pilothouse view.


PCF 104 port side bunks.


PCF 104 forward berthing.


View of 81 mm. mortar and 50 caliber machine gun from inside.

Comm Station

PCF 104 communications center.

Photo Memorial

Photo memorial honoring Swiftboat sailors who died in Vietnam.

Photo Memorial

Another view of the photo memorial.

Photo Memorial

The photo memorial is divided in two frames with 25 pictures each.

Photo Memorial

The second of two photo memorial frames.


A close up view of the 81 mm. mortar and 50 caliber machine gun.

Stern View

View from stern into main cabin.

Stern View

Another view from the stern.

Memorial Grounds

View from the stern onto the memorial grounds.

Starboard View

Starboard side view of PCF 104.

Stern View

Stern view of PCF 104.

Aerial View

Aerial view of stern, showing the weapons station and mortar box.

Staboard View

Another starboard side view.


One of two 12-V's immaculately restored.

Bow View

Another view of PCF 104 in its cradle on the memorial grounds.

Main Cabin

PCF 104 main cabin view.


Port side view of pilot house.