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Virtual Tour of the PBR

Gamewarden's PBR is a Patrol Boat River, better known as a PBR. These craft supported the mission of Task Force 116 in Vietnam.
In December of 1965, naval leadership determined the need to command the waterways of the Mekong Delta. In pursuit of that goal, Task Force 116 was established. River Patrol Squadron 5 was formed as the principal PBR unit operating under CTF-116. PBR's commenced their first combat patrols under operation code name. "Gamewarden". The PBR's patrolled the Mekong delta checking cargo and the identity of junks and sampans plying the waterways. At night, they set ambushes and supported SEAL and UDT special operations and enforced nighttime curfew restrictions.

Task Force 116 was disestablished in December 1970, and 293 U. S. Navy PBR's were transferred to the South Vietnamese Navy.

Please allow a few minutes for all of the slide show photos to download. Click on the "Thumbnails" icon at the top right of the slideshow to scroll through thumbnail images.

Gamewardens PBR

Port side view of PBR on memorial grounds.

Control Station

View of boat captain's control station.

Electronic Equipment

View of communication and radar equipment available to the boat captain and crew.

Steering And Controls

Another view inside the control station.


Aft 50 caliber machine gun with view over the stern.


Starboard side view of aft 50 caliber machine gun station.


Twin 50 caliber machine gun mount on bow of PBR.

Memorial View

View to the memorial wall from inside the PBR.

Gamewardens PBR

Bow on view of the PBR.

Gamewardens Obelisk

View of the PBR and Gamewardens obelisk honoring shipmates who died in Vietnam.

Stern/Aerial View

A view of the PBR from astern and aloft.