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Virtual Tour of CCB-18

CCB 18 is a Command and Control Boat that supported the mission of Task Force 117, the Mobile Riverine Force. As originally envisioned, the Mobile Riverine Force would support an infantry brigade and an artillery battalion using a variety of modified landing craft, support ships and specially designed assault boats. In essence this strike unit would be a self contained amphibious assault force, complete with all support elements except aircraft. The Mobile Riverine Force was comprised of U.S. Navy personnel plus a brigade from the 9th Infantry Division was chosen as the infantry component of the Mobile Riverine Force.

Please allow a few minutes for all of the slide show photos to download. Click on the "Thumbnails" icon at the top right of the slideshow to scroll through thumbnail images.

CCB 18

Bow on view of CCB 18 in its cradle on the memorial grounds.


Forward twin 50 caliber mount on CCB 18.

Topside View

Topside view showing pilothouse and aft weapon station.

Operations Center

View inside the operations center with archived patrol chart.

Communications Center

View of communications center and radar equipment used on patrols.

Communications Center

Additional communications equipment.

The Wall

Space limitations required close quarters on patrol

Weapons Station

Inside the 50 caliber machine gun weapons station.


View inside the boat captain's steering station.

Topside View

Topside view from the starboard quarter.


View of aft 50 caliber weapons station.

Stern View

Stern view of CCB 18 on memorial grounds.

Steering Station

View to the memorial wall from the CCB steering station.

View To The Memorial Wall

Another view to the memorial wall from inside the CCB steering station.