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I Am Your Wall

The Rods and Wire of Steel at my Core are
For those Who gave their Lives
Never to return in Body.
They are the strength of our Wall.
The Mass of Mortar of my Body
Is for the Mass of Men and Women
Who left their Families and
Dedicated their Courage and Time to a Cause.
The Medal of Honors and Navy Crosses on my Face
Are for the strength and Resolve
For which We stood.
I am your Wall and
I stand before three Boats
That represent all the Units of our Conflict -- all Conflicts.
I am your Wall,
Conceived and Nurtured and
Built with Loving Care and
Thought by a few for All.
I am your Wall,
Standing in Respectful Memory,
Hoping to have no others built like Me
But ready to Serve,
If ever called upon again.
I am your Wall,
Respect Me, Hold Me, Caress Me, Love Me,
As I Love You.


Poem conceived, composed, and written by LT Thomas Mason

Poem conceived, composed, and written by LT Thomas Mason USN, who served "In Country Viet Nam" with CTF-115 OIC
PCF-49 2/67-7/67, CTF-117 Riv Ron-13 Operations Officer 2/68-3/69, CTF-116 OIC MST-2 8/69-1/70 4/70-7/70