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In the early 1990's a concept was developed that a memorial which listed not only the names of the individuals who died in Vietnam, but their date of passing and the unit to which they were attached would provide additional meaning to a memorial display. This concept evolved into the memorial wall and surrounding boat displays we see today.

The foundation for the memorial wall was poured in 2001, and with the help of dedicated volunteers, the final wall was completed with the installation of the descriptive lettering on both sides of the Memorial Wall in January 2004.

In July 2004 thirty stainless steel panels were installed on the Memorial wall. These panels contain the names of the 2,564 Navy and Coast Guardsmen who died in Vietnam during the period 1960 to 1975. Also displayed on the wall are the names of those Navy men who were awarded the Medal of Honor and Navy Cross.

During the period of wall construction, dedicated volunteers spent countless hours seeking out various Navy craft that represented the "Brown Water Navy" that could be displayed with the memorial wall. This tireless effort resulted in the beautifully restored Swift Boat, PBR and CCB craft that you see at the memorial today.

Little known but will be long remembered.

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Vietnam Memorial on Coronado Island
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Memorial Grounds



The Vietnam Unit Memorial Monument, Coronado, California

The Vietnam Unit Memorial Monument was funded by private contributions and was built by veterans to honor those Navy and Coast Guard sailors who died in Vietnam, in the air, at sea, on inland waters, ashore and in POW camps.

We have developed a Mission Statement which reads as follows:

To establish a monument that brings honor and remembrance to those U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard sailors who gave their lives at sea, in the air, and on coastal and inland waters during the Vietnam War (1960-1975).

To respectfully maintain the hallowed monument and grounds for thoughtful reflection on the sacrifices made by our military men and women during all wars, past and future, while protecting the freedoms we enjoy.

To serve as a bridge between sailors of the Vietnam War era and those on current active duty, such that the courage, dedication, and the sacrifices made by all are honorably and perpetually linked by the spirit of naval service.

You are invited to join with us in this remembrance and hopefully some day you can visit the Memorial again, or for the first time.

Vietnam Memorial Coronado Island, San Diego, California



Tour the PCF 104

Tour the CCB 18

Tour the PBR

Tour the Vietnam Memorial Boats
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Tour the Vietnam Memorial Boats
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The Memorial grounds provide a fitting background for many types of ceremonies: graduations, retirements, reenlistments, award ceremonies and other special occasions. Click Events pdf file to download

For those wanting to reserve the Vietnam Unit Memorial grounds for other special events, please contact Erica at Naval Base Coronado Public Affairs office at 619-545-2632.



MedalsBy its charter the VUMMF is a member organization.

Membership is open to any person that has an interest in the VUMMF mission.

Membership provides an opportunity to work closer with our organization and provide direct communication and suggestions to the management of VUMMF.

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